The farm presently consists of a commercial herd of crossbred animals using Angus, Simmental and Limousin genetics in the breeding program.  We also have a small herd of purebred Red Angus Cattle and we are members of the Canadian Angus Association.  The cattle herd consisting of 80 cows is calved out in August and September on pasture.  The animals are wintered on feeds grown on the farm which consist mainly of grass, hay, silage and corn silage.  In the spring the weaned steer calves are sold as feeders  while the heifers are kept on the farm to develop into replacement heifers and/or finished grass fed beef that goes into our farm market.  The goal with the cattle component on the farm is to produce an efficient and healthy animal using the natural resources of the farm as much as we can.  We achieve this by using extended season grazing practices such as stock piled forage, rotational grazing throughout the summer and the use of natural wintering sites on the farm.  The benefits of all these practices allow the animals to help improve the soil structure of the fields and create a bio-diverse forestry habitat.

In 2010 the farm was recognized for its contribution to the environment and sustainable farm management practices when it received the Environment Farm Stewardship award for Nova Scotia.

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