June always seems to be a busy month here. On the vegetable side of things, we started picking our greenhouse tomatoes last week for the Market. This is an older variety of hybrid tomato that has a flavour similar to garden field tomatoes . We are getting a regular supply of vegetables from our greenhouse and fields including cucumbers ,lettuce,kale,spinach, chard,beet greens and green onions. Our field potatoes are coming along nicely and by mid July we should be close to harvesting  them. There are a few annual bedding plants left as well. The beef cattle are all on grass and doing quite well. We put in an experimental plot of grazing corn which should be ready late July . With a 60 day planting to harvesting period , it will be interesting to see how it performs under our Maritime climate .Our grain barley headed out a week ago and should fill out nicely with the moisture we have had recently.

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